Is it possible to invest in Bitcoin?

Perhaps you are reading this article after the latest frenzy of Bitcoin price jumps which is more embarrassing than the $ 20,000 mark. Now you are looking for reasons to invest in this cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Here are some of the reasons:

More to come

The first thing many people think when they hear about the current price is that they are too late and those who are still buying Bitcoin are just jumping on the bandwagon. In fact, with so many years left to mine and the coin still in its infancy (like more adolescence), its value will still rise and it is a good investment.

Automated technology

Blockchain is not just about cryptocurrency. This is the future of the supply chain and the fight against counterfeiting. Super smart protocols such as a DAO (decentralized autonomous body) and smart contracts are some of the things that arise from blockchain that automate an organization’s work and money transactions.


Every day people are robbed, banks are robbed. Bitcoin and blockchain ensures that the money stored in your digital wallet is at a level of security that is extremely secure from your cash embodied virtual number at your local bank.

Save money

Ever had a bad experience where you had to send some money to another part of the world and the amount of charges for currency conversion, credit opening letter, banking charges, etc. made you cry? Bitcoin eliminates all that. Since there is no banking system for cryptocurrency, there is no intermediary like the bank. You can avoid all these extra charges by sending money directly to the intended recipient.

Time is money

Did we mention you can send money directly? This saves you time because you don’t have to fill out forms and applications. Just ask the recipient’s public address and click the required amount.

No inflation

Since Bitcoin is limited in number (only 21 million will ever be produced), the value of this cryptocurrency cannot be underestimated as a limited supply, but the ever-increasing demand means it is a self-floating currency. No inflation translates to an excellent investment.

Your own

Remember the Greek financial crisis where city councils were asked to transfer excess cash to the central bank? With ordinary currency, the central bank owns, not you, and may force you to return it to them. Bitcoin is not owned by anyone, but by the amount you own. No one can force you away.

It is not too late to invest in Bitcoin and Blockchain, but like other currencies the future cannot be predicted. Study your preferred bitcoin exchange chart carefully before making an investment.

Use Forex Software Well – How to Make Forex MegaDroid Your Success Instead of Failure

Forex Megadroid software includes the latest method for analyzing Forex trading, where Artificial Intelligence is brought to the market as opposed to traditional manual observation. The RCTPA is the short form for “Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis”, which is about a specific method. Frankly speaking, investors are often looking for any useful automated system to solve the hassle of close monitoring and human speculation, so the trend is for more robots to come, even on the left. yet spend any extra amount of money to buy the software, need to know more about. the details of the mechanism, and how it is worth the money spent. Individual traders seeking to make a lot of money online Forex trading, often at the same time split – and sometimes burn out – the intrinsic scams and scams of the automated platform due to their ignorance of the advantages and disadvantages of conclusive statistics provided by computerized software.

Regarding the tracking range covered by Forex MegaDroid, it presents an attractive graph of test results, which includes data from the last decade, due to the large amount of data analyzed, the high consistent profit is always achieved. As many doubt how strong the results of Forex Megadroid are, it might be convincing enough to put them in a personal backtest analysis together for a thorough comparison. It’s always surprising to see how small the differences are. Investors use historical data provided by different brokers to predict the short -term trend of market movement, and MegaDroid often predicts in the same direction. One might think, ‘so is there a real need for a much more accurate and reliable way to predict a very short price movement?’ ‘It’s definitely a scam because it won’t give me a big profit this week!’

To make the most of the automated system, below are some tips that make it successful, but not a scam:

1. Use human wisdom – Forex MegaDroid is able to accurately analyze and predict short term trends in a few days or more, provided that users take good responsibilities including a moderate understanding of the market pattern, speaking at least quarterly. Entrepreneurs should not be overly ambitious or skeptical, with good use of common sense and intuition, let’s say just wait, be bad or dive in. .

2. Listen to the experts – Forex MegaDroid does not guarantee landslide victory all the time, keep in mind the 4 percent inaccuracy, no human trader or amazing machine can act like a crystal ball, because for the future can never be known. Forex MegaDroid provides detailed analysis and adaptation of all time to the changing market, on the other hand, investment experts in this real world provide equivalent or completely opposite information. Opinions always differ from each other, one should not make any major decisions before considering at least four to five channels of informants.

3. Calculate the risks – If the big account of global economic events floods in a day, it would be wise to just stop and think before letting the robot dictate your entry and exit. Some economic announcements that have a big say in the daily market picture are: Consumer Price Index, GDP growth, Consumer Confidence report, Nonfarm Payroll Employment, and others. very different game. Improper interpretation of data of varying importance will result in investment risks.

Effective types of analysis in Forex trading

Forex trading is about making the right choice at the right time. But you can’t do it by divination alone. Traders use different types of Forex analysis for profitable trading. You can also use one of these types of Forex analysis to make a profit.

Types of Forex analysis:

There are generally three main types of Forex analysis performed by Forex traders. You can analyze Forex trends through the charts or the economic situation of the related countries or even the past movements of your currency pair. These three types of analyzes are:

Fundamental analysis:

Fundamental Forex analysis includes an analysis of the economy of the country whose currency you want to trade. Thus, key economic factors such as interest rates, employment, productivity and income ratios are analyzed to understand the stability of the economy in order to predict price movements in that country’s currency. It is obviously an in-depth analysis. you also need to follow all the news related to this country.

Technical analysis:

Technical analysis of the Forex market includes analyzing the currency pair using technical tools such as charts. It also includes an analysis of past movements in the value of the currency pair to assess future movements. It is done both manually and with the help of automated systems. Obviously, the automated system is more preferred than the manual one because it saves time.

Weekend analysis:

Weekend analysis allows you to analyze the Forex market in a relaxed environment, as the market is close, so you do not need to monitor price fluctuations. In this way, you can organize your thoughts and develop a calm mindset, which is essential for creating effective trading plans for the coming week. It’s just like planning ahead. The analysis of the weekend can motivate you to set a motto and a plan to follow.

Application and use of Analysis:

There are four main applications of Forex market analysis. It’s like a four-step procedure.

Driver analysis:

The key to success in Forex trading lies in understanding the current state of the market and the reasons for its current state. If you understand the factors that cause changes in the market, then you can determine future changes in prices. Forex analysis helps you understand, analyze and evaluate the drivers that cause market movements.


Forex analysis also helps to draw the main indices for a long period of time. This will help you find out if the market movement is reversed or not.


Consensus can help you make a winning deal in the event of a turning point.

Trading time:

Trading time is also good for traders. If the first trade fails, another support option will appear. In this way, Forex analysis helps traders in their trading in different ways. It can also help you in choosing trading strategies.

Who "Forex strategy" is better – automated versus manual trading?

Due to the recent rise in the fame of automated trading, many traders, especially beginners, are wondering which currency strategy is better between the two. Both have advantages and disadvantages and both can be used to make quite large profits. However, you can experience both the ups and downs of these two currency strategies based on your trading style and several other aspects of trading.

To determine which currency strategy is more ideal for you, you need to know as much as you can about automated and manual trading.

Manual trading is the standard form of trading in which you trade using your own capabilities and without the help of an electronic system. This means that you make your own predictions and assumptions, calculate your own capabilities and make trading decisions manually.

Automated trading, on the other hand, is just the opposite. Automated forex strategy uses robots or electronic tools created by developers specifically for commercial purposes. These high-tech trading systems can do almost anything that human traders can do, thus taking the burden of the work off the shoulders of traders. Automated trading systems can make forecasts, place orders, execute trades, etc. and all her decisions will not be affected by human emotions such as overconfidence or lack of confidence, surprise or anxiety and greed. This means that all decisions and moves are made in a strictly technical way.

Both types of forex strategies can benefit different types of traders. The manual forex strategy is more ideal for experienced traders or traders who can easily and skillfully make their own calculations. The manual trading strategy is also more suitable for long-term traders. The disadvantage is that manual trading is more demanding because it requires more commitment on the part of the trader. In addition, it is more vulnerable to various factors that can influence decision-making and can lead to reckless mistakes.

As far as automated trading is concerned, these electronic trading systems are good for traders who prefer daily trading or short-term trading, as the electronic system can trade quite efficiently. Automated trading also offers the advantage of round-the-clock trading. The forex market never sleeps, and with an automated currency strategy you will not have to either. Automated trading systems also mean that you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort on the systems. You can easily leave the system, be sure that it can support your trade while you are gone. The downside, however, is that the programs limit your flexibility. It adheres to a specific system that must be well programmed, otherwise the whole system will cease to be effective.

No matter which one you choose, the important thing is that your choice matches your own skills, experience and market experience. And if you decide on an automated currency strategy, be sure to test your automated forex system before making a big investment.

How to make clear and accurate financial predictions for your business

Creating clear and accurate financial forecasts for your company at the start-up stage is crucial.

Most business owners complain that creating the right financial plans is time consuming, and that time can be used to create sales instead of planning. However, few investors will invest in your company unless you have a clear idea.

Accurate financial estimates will help you create the stuffing and operational plan that will take your company to the next level.

Here’s how to put one together for use with your business.

Start with cost

Is your company in the start-up stage? If so, it’s easier to predict expenses than income. So, start with estimates of general costs such as rent, utility bills, phone bills, legal fees, advertising, cost of products sold, materials, and customer service costs.

Double your estimates for marketing and advertising because they exceed your expectations. Triple the legal and insurance fees because they are difficult to predict.

Check the original ratio to make sure your guess is correct

Don’t forget about costs, especially after predicting aggressive revenue. Most entrepreneurs focus on achieving the revenue target and assume that they can adjust the expenditure if the revenue is not implemented. Positive thinking can help you improve your sales, but it’s not enough to pay the bills.

Using key ratios, you can adjust your income and expenditure forecasts. Here are some ratios that can guide you to make an accurate prediction:

Gross margin

It is the ratio of total direct expenditure to total revenue for a given period. Note the estimates that could increase your gross margin by 10 to 40%. For example, if your customer service and sales costs are lower now, they may be higher in the future.

Running profit margins

Operating profit margin measures the variable cost of production – such as wages and raw materials, and the profit that a business makes on selling a dollar before paying interest or taxes. Expect to see a positive movement from this ratio.

Overhead costs should be a small proportion of total costs as your income increases, so your operating profit margin should increase. Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of predicting a break-even point too early and assume that they will not need funding to get to that point.

Total headcount per client

Are you a one-man entrepreneur who plans to grow your own business? Then, pay close attention to this ratio.

Divide the number of employees in your firm (just one if you do everything yourself) by your total number of customers. Then, ask yourself if you want to manage all those accounts within five years of the company growing up. If not, you need to re-evaluate your estimates about salary or revenue or both.

Beginners Guide: Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Introduction: To invest in cryptocurrency

The first cryptocurrency to come into existence was Bitcoin, which was built on blockchain technology and was probably launched in 2009 by a mysterious man, Satoshi Nakamoto. At the time of writing this blog, 17 million bitcoins were mined and it is believed that a total of 21 million bitcoins could be mined. The other most popular cryptocurrencies are Etherium, Lightcoin, Ripple, Golem, Civic and Bitcoin hard forks such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold.

It advises users not to keep all money in one cryptocurrency and to try to avoid investing in cryptocurrency bubbles. It has been noticed that prices have dropped sharply while at the top of the crypto bubble. Since cryptocurrency is a volatile market, users must invest the amount they can lose because there is no government control over cryptocurrency because it is a decentralized cryptocurrency.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak predicts that Bitcoin is a genuine gold and that it will dominate all currencies like USD, EUR, INR, and ASD in the future and will become a global currency in the coming years.

Why and why not invest in cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to come into existence and since then about 1600+ cryptocurrencies have been introduced with some unique features for each currency.

Some of the reasons I have felt and want to share are that cryptocurrencies have been created on decentralized platforms – so users do not need a third party to transfer cryptocurrencies from one destination to another, as opposed to fiat currency where a user needs to transfer money from one account to another. Bank-like platform for. Cryptocurrency is built on a very secure blockchain technology and the chances of hacking and stealing your cryptocurrency are almost nil unless you share some important information.

You should always avoid buying cryptocurrencies at the high point of the cryptocurrency-bubble. Many of us buy cryptocurrencies at the top in hopes of making quick money and fall prey to bubble hype and lose their money. It is best to do a lot of user research before investing money. It is always better to keep your money in multiple cryptocurrencies instead of one because it has been observed that some cryptocurrencies increase more, some average while other cryptocurrencies go into the red zone.

Cryptocurrency to focus on

In 2014, Bitcoin occupied 90% of the market and the remaining 10% occupied cryptocurrency. In 2017, Bitcoin still dominated the crypto market but its share fell from 90% to 38% and Altcoins like Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple grew rapidly and occupied most of the market.

Bitcoin still dominates the cryptocurrency market but is not the only cryptocurrency you should consider when investing in cryptocurrency. Here are some key cryptocurrencies you must consider:








Mind you

Where and how to buy cryptocurrency?

Although buying cryptocurrencies a few years ago was not easy, users now have many available platforms.

In 2015, there are two major bitcoin platforms in India, Unocoin wallet and Zebpay wallet where users can only buy and sell bitcoin. Users only need to buy Bitcoin from the wallet but not from another person. There was a price difference between purchase and sale rates and users had to pay a nominal fee to complete their transaction.

In 2017, the cryptocurrency industry grew exponentially and the price of Bitcoin rose spontaneously, especially in the last six months of 2017 which forced users to look for Bitcoin alternatives and surpassed 1.4 million in the Indian market.

Since Unodax and Zebpay are the two main platforms in India that dominated the market with 90% market share – which only traded in Bitcoin. This allows other companies to grow with other altcoins and even force Unocoin and others to add more currencies to their platform.

Unocoin, one of India’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain companies, has launched UnoDAX Exchange, an exclusive platform for its users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies in addition to trading Bitcoin in Unocoin. There was a difference between the two platforms – Unocion was only offering instant trading of Bitcoin where on UnoDAX, users could place an order for any of the available cryptocurrencies and if it matched the recipient the order would be executed.

Other major exchanges available for cryptocurrency trading in India are Koinex, Coinsecure, Bitbns, WazirX.

Users need to open an account on any exchange by signing up with email id and submitting KYC details. Once their account has been verified, anyone can start trading the coin of their choice.

Before investing in a coin, users need to be well-researched and not fall into the cryptocurrency-bubble trap. Users must research the reliability, transparency, security features and much more of the exchange.

All exchanges charge a nominal fee for each transaction. There are two types of charges – maker fee and taker fee. In addition to the transaction fee, one has to pay a transfer fee if you want to transfer your cryptocurrency to another exchange or to your personal wallet. Charges depend only on coins and exchanges because different exchanges have different price modules for coin transfer.

Major Altcoins other than Bitcoin

As mentioned above, Bitcoin dominates the market with a 38% market share, followed by Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. Exchanges such as UnoDAX, Bitfinex, Kraken, Bitstamp have listed other currencies like Golem, Civic, Raiden Network, Kyber Network, Basic Attention, 0X, Augur, Monero, Tron and many more. If any coin matches your portfolio then you must buy it.

But, you must keep the money in the market that you can lose because the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and there is no government control over it.

When to buy?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to buying your favorite cryptocurrency. But we need to do research on market stability. You shouldn’t be at the top of a cryptocurrency bubble or when prices are constantly crashing. The best time is always considered when prices remain relatively low for some time.

Cryptocurrency storage methods

Before you buy any cryptocurrency you must understand how to keep your cryptocurrency safe.

Generally, all exchanges offer storage facilities where you can safely keep your coins. When you place cryptocurrencies on an exchange, no one must share their username, password, 2FA.

Paper Wallet, Hardware Wallet, Software Wallet are some of the channels where anyone can save their cryptocurrency.

Paper Wallet: Paper Wallet is an offline cold storage system for keeping your cryptocurrency. It prints your private and public keys on a piece of paper where the QR code is also printed. One has to scan the QR code for their future transactions. Why is it safe? No need to worry about your account being hacked or any malicious malware attack. All you have to do is secure your piece of paper in a locker and, if possible, two to three pieces of paper wallet under your complete control.

Hardware Wallet: A hardware wallet is a physical device where you keep cryptocurrencies safe. Hardware wallets come in many forms, but the most commonly used hardware wallet is USB. When you put your cryptocurrency in a hardware wallet, you just have to remember that you should not lose your hardware wallet because once it is lost you will not be able to recover your cryptocurrency.

A famous case where one person digs up 7000+ bitcoins, saves them in hardware wallet and puts another in hardware wallet. One day he threw away that hardware wallet so that he could save his cryptocurrency instead of the damaged hardware and he lost all his bitcoins.

What can be bought from cryptocurrency in India?

Most people assume that buying and selling a cryptocurrency is only for investment and for high returns in the long and short term. Influential and Bitcoin investors believe that in the coming years Bitcoin will dominate all Fiat currencies and be adopted as an international currency.

Dell is one of the largest e-commerce businesses that accepts Bitcoin as a payment. Expedia and UNICEF are other examples.

In India, the dream book mall was accepting Bitcoin as payment using Unocoin merchant services. People were booking movie tickets through BookMyShow or recharging their mobiles using the Unocoin platform. According to reports, they have stopped the service but are planning to resume it in the near future.


Cryptocurrency is one of the growing investment sectors and it has given excellent returns in the past compared to real-estate, gold, stock-markets etc. You can buy cryptocurrencies and hold on to the long term to get excellent returns or go short term for quick profits as we have seen many coins grow at 1000% + in the past. Since cryptocurrency is a volatile market and the government has no control over the industry. One must invest in any cryptocurrency the amount they can lose.

You can save your cryptocurrency in hardware wallet, paper wallet, software wallet if you do not want to keep it at the exchange where you are trading.

Bitcoin Trading and Business

Future of crypto currencies

If you look at the cryptography-based money market, it appears to be exciting, disturbing and mysterious at the same time. The pioneer, Bitcoin, has gained huge popularity over the past few years. The currency has undoubtedly fallen sharply, but has once again returned to its position. In addition, ICOs for new currency-based cryptocurrencies have emerged at a rapid pace.

A lot of money has been invested in the Bitcoin industry

We cannot ignore the fact that large amounts of money are invested in the domain. But according to financial experts, the whole future is as little doubtful. The future of crypto-currency is more based on predictions of technology trends and assumptions that have been made. There are some pro crypto-currency advocates who envision a bright future, while others warn people of the future of crypto currency.

Replacement of national currencies by 2030

Some of the leading futurists believe that crypto currency will survive and rule the financial market. It is predicted that crypto-currencies will replace national currencies by almost 25% by 2030. Crypto-based currencies are considered more efficient, especially because of the way they operate. Therefore, the exchange of national currencies is not a big deal.

In 2009, when Bitcoin was introduced, it showed a lot of potential and it was successful. Within a year, it flourished and its growth continued, making it a legal currency and an asset in many countries. Over the past few years, many other crypto type currencies have emerged and their popularity has led to the legitimization of a new asset or currency other than the usual currencies operating in the global financial economy.

We cannot deny the fact, that there is some money to be lost in the cryptography based currency economy. However, it is also believed to have a high probability of making a profit.

You wouldn’t expect cryptography -based currencies to act like money

Crypto type currencies operate on blockchain technology and are not tied to any centralized authority unlike traditional currencies. It is often called the blockchain economy by some experts. The IRS considers crypto currency more like an asset than actual currency. It is not wrong to say that Bitcoin is more or less the same as selling real estate.

When you sell your Bitcoin, you are passing on intelligent digital information to others. There are a number of Visa companies that are already making the use of crypto-currencies easier for regular transactions. However, crypto-currency is still something that needs to hold a strong position in the mainstream economy.

Will crypto-based e-commerce destroy the dinosaur-style banking industry?

Banking as we know it, has existed since the first currencies were minted – perhaps even before, in one form or another. Currency, especially coins, grew out of taxation. In the early days of ancient empires, annual taxation of a pig may have been reasonable, but with the expansion of empires, this type of payment became less desirable.

However, after the situation with Covid, not only do we seem to have moved to a “cashless” society (such as who wants to handle potentially “dirty money” in a store) and “contactless” levels of credit card transactions have now increased to £ 45, and now even small transactions accepted, such as a daily newspaper or a bottle of milk, are paid for by card.

Did you know that there are already over 5,000 cryptocurrencies in use and bitcoin is very different from this list? Bitcoin, in particular, has a very volatile trading history since it was first created in 2009. This digital cryptocurrency has seen a lot of action in its relatively short life. Initially, bitcoins were traded for almost nothing. The first real price increase occurred in July 2010, when the valuation of bitcoin went from about $ 0.0008 to about $ 10,000 or more for one coin. Since then, this currency has undergone some major rises and collapses. However, with the introduction of so-called “stable” coins – those backed by the US dollar or even gold, this cryptocurrency volatility can now be brought under control.

But before we explore this new form of crypto-based e-commerce as a method of controlling and using our assets, including our FIAT currencies, let’s first look at how banks themselves have changed over the last 50 years or so.

Who remembers the good old checkbook? Before bank debit cards appeared, in 1987, checks were the main way to transfer assets to others in commercial transactions. Then, with bank debit cards, along with ATMs, the acquisition of someone’s FIAT assets became much faster for online commercial transactions.

The problem that has always been with banks is that most of us needed at least 2 personal bank accounts (current account and savings account) and one for each business we owned. Besides, trying to move money from your bank account “quickly” to say a destination abroad was something like SWIFT!

The other issue was the price. Not only did we have to pay a regular service fee to each bank account, we also had a huge fee for each transaction and, of course, in very rare cases we would not receive any value interest on the money in our Current Account.

on top of that, Overnight Trading every night using expert financial traders (or, later artificial intelligence (AI) trading systems, all OUR assets will also be traded with economies of scale, banks became a big winner on our assets – but not us! Take a look at the potential business that can be done by OVERNIGHT Trading.

So to sum up, banks not only charge a huge fee for storing and moving our assets using smart trading techniques, but they also make solid profits from trading our money on the Overnight chain, which we don’t see any benefit for.

The other point is – do you trust your bank with all your assets?

How about what the Bank of Scotland, which was the Scottish National Bank now owed to the Lloyds Banking Group, was recently outlined in a press release in September that said “Lloyds Bank asset fraud – the most serious financial scandal of modern times.

Why not Google this website and then make a decision?

So let’s now look at how a crypto-based e-commerce system should work and how the benefits that banks have enjoyed with OUR money can become a major profit center for asset holders – the US!

10 years oldyou October 2020 launches a large new e-commerce company based on crypto – FREE.

In short, Switzerland-based FreeBay is a company that includes its own blockchain technology, with its own SAFE crypto coin (based on V999 technology) and allows its members to transfer their FIAT assets to Gold Bullion, eliminating the need to include any BANK.

V999: blockchain-authorized digital gold; digital token backed by physical gold V999 Gold (V999) is a digital asset. Each token is supported by one tenth of a fine gram gold bar stored in vaults. If you own a V999, you own the main physical gold in custody. In addition, FreeBay members can purchase packages that include powerful automated robots based on intelligence.

So now you can not only achieve complete independence from a standard BANK, but you can also trade, as banks, with your digital gold assets, in the form of V999 Crypto tokens, in OVERNIGHT systems, only now do you, the asset holder, receive the prizes, not the banks.

But there is another big advantage in trading V999 tokens. As you would be Generic owner of the token, so, like banks, every time a token V999 is traded (ie sold), say, to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, a transaction fee is charged. Each time a transaction is made, the general owner of the V999 token receives a small percentage of this fee.

Note that after trading and selling a V999 token in exchange for bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, a small% of this transaction fee is paid to GENERIC OWNER of this token (ie YOU). Because Freebay’s goal is to make the V999 Token one of the most sought after secure crypto coins, even after your token has been sold to another merchant, as you are still Generic owner of the V999 tokenwhen this token is traded by another trader, You are – The general owner of this token, who receives a payment of the Trading Commission.

This can not only create great Passive income for you, for life, but is subordinate to your descendants – not a conventional bank involved anywhere.

So, the more V999 tokens you buy and put into circulation, the bigger and better with your residual income – not only for your entire life, but probably also for your addicts – can become a reality.

Interested enough to learn more? Then click here.

The five laws of gold

We live in an impatient age and when it comes to money, we want more of it now, today, not tomorrow. Whether it’s a mortgage deposit or clearing those credit cards that drain our energy long after we stop enjoying what we bought with them, the sooner the better. When it comes to investing, we want easy choices and quick returns. Hence the current obsession with cryptocurrencies. Why invest in nanotechnology or machine learning when Ethereum is locked in an endless upward spiral and bitcoin is the gift it continues to give?

A century ago, the American writer George C. Clayson took a different approach. In The Richest Man in Babylon, he gave the world a treasure trove — literally — of financial principles based on things that may seem old-fashioned today: prudence, caution, and wisdom. Clayson used the sages of the ancient city of Babylon as spokesmen for his financial advice, but that advice is as relevant today as it was a century ago, when the collapse of Wall Street and the Great Depression loomed.

Take, for example, the five laws of gold. If you want to put your personal finances on a solid footing, wherever you are in life, these are for you:

Law №1: Gold comes with pleasure and in ever-increasing quantity to anyone who invests at least one-tenth of his profits to create an estate for his future and that of his family. In other words, save 10% of your income. At least. Save more than that if you can. And those 10% are not for next year’s vacation or a new car. This is for the long term. Your 10% can include your pension contributions, ISAs, bond premiums or any type of high interest / limited access savings account. Okay, now interest rates for savers are at historically low levels, but who knows where they will be in five or ten years? And compound interest means your savings will grow faster than you think.

Law №2: Gold works diligently and contentedly for the wise owner, who finds him a lucrative job. So if you want to invest rather than save, do it wisely. No cryptocurrencies or pyramid schemes. We focus on the words ‘profitable’ and ’employment’. Make your money work for you, but remember that the best you can hope for for this side of the rainbow is a stable long-term return, not lottery winnings. In practice, this is likely to mean shares of established companies that offer a regular dividend and a steady upward trend in the share price. You can invest directly or through a fund manager in the form of unit trusts, but before parting with a penny, see Laws 3, 4 and 5 …

Law №3: Gold adheres to the protection of the prudent owner, who invests it under the advice of the wise in handling it. Before you do anything, talk to a qualified, experienced financial advisor. If you don’t know one, do some research. Browse them online. What expertise do they have? What customers? Read the reviews. Call them first and feel what they have to offer, then decide if the face-to-face meeting will work. See their commission arrangements. Are they independent or tied to a particular company, with a contract to sell the financial products of that company? A decent financial advisor will encourage you to take the basics: retirement, life insurance, live somewhere before directing you to invest in emerging markets and space travel. When you are satisfied that you have found a counselor you can count on, listen to him. Trust their advice. But review your relationship with them at regular intervals, say annually, and if you’re not happy, look elsewhere. It is likely that if your judgment was sound in the first place, you will stick to the same counselor for many years to come.

Law №4: Gold eludes anyone who invests it in a business or purpose that they are unfamiliar with or that are not approved by its custodians. If you have in-depth knowledge of food retail, be sure to invest in a supermarket chain that increases market share. Similarly, if you work for a company that has an employee equity scheme, it makes sense to take advantage of it if you are sure that your company has good prospects. But you should never invest in a market or financial product that you don’t understand (remember the crash!) Or can’t fully explore. If you are tempted to try your hand at currency trading or options trading and have a financial advisor, talk to him first. If they don’t know, ask them to point you to someone who is. Best of all, avoid anything you’re not sure about, no matter how big the potential return.

Law №5: Gold flees from one who seeks impossible profits or who follows the tempting advice of cunning and cunning people or who trusts his own inexperience. Again, the fifth law follows the fourth. If you start surfing the internet for financial advice and wealth-creating ideas, your mailbox will soon be full of “scammers and tricksters” who promise you land if you invest £ 999 in their “system” to convert £ 1 at £ 1XXXXXX on the Chicago Board of Trade. Remember that the only one who makes money in gold rush is the one who sells shovels. Buy the wrong shovel and you will quickly get into debt. Not only will you pay through the nose for a system that has no proven value; by following it, you will probably lose much more than the price you paid for it. At the very least, you should check the real product reviews. And never buy any system, investment instrument or financial product from a company that is not registered with a national supervisory authority, such as the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

The market collapses to zero against the prices of the indices go to the moon

As the market approaches all-time highs, the general public is beginning to hear a steady stream of doomsday predictions, along with their colleagues shouting that this is the beginning of a new bullish market. You can now go to the bookstore and find many books predicting the end of the fractional banking system, some of which go so far as to predict the end of modern civilization as we know it. You can find the announcement of a new bull market in several print magazines and numerous popular websites. Here is my opinion on the situation: things are never as good as they seem, and things are never as bad as people think.

The truth of the matter is somewhere between these two extremes.

As a short-term trader, where the market goes is of little importance, at least in terms of trade. Of course, the direction and speed of any market movement can have a profound effect on our personal lives. Let’s stick to trade for now.

As the market is nearing peaks for all time and the P / E ratios are high, I think a reasonable trader will be cautious when trading to peaks for all time. Breakthrough trading to new heights for all time is a difficult business. The logical assumption would be to trade to the short side, right? no.

As traders, we are chart traders and the sensible approach to this uncertain market would be to trade what you see on the chart, just as you always do. There may be warning jumps in price, both long and short, which should remind you that powerful trading forces on both sides are making their own plans for possible market results. After all, we are graphics retailers and we are still striving to understand what the graphics and the market context show.

So, do you need to change your trading style with all the noise we hear?

The right course, in my opinion, is to keep trading the way you would do every other day; but I would have an idea in my mind that these were times of heightened emotion, and I would turn to the conservative side of things. Stick to your trading plan and keep in mind that unusual movements both up and down are already part of the trading equation.

As you may have read, just when everyone is convinced that the market needs to fall, it keeps going up. Sometimes it explodes in the long side, this is called climbing the wall of anxiety and the market can climb the wall of worry much longer than your futures account can withstand. On the other hand, there are great opportunities to jump down as bear traders begin to research for any market weakness. It is your job to maintain the exchange rate and be aware that these are times of increased risk and to be diligent in avoiding high-risk futures trading.